The Steps of Your Free Medical Assessment

Schedule an appointment to find out if you are a candidate for Regenerative Cell Therapy. The normal price for this evaluation is $175.00. However, we want to help and are providing this to you absolutely free. The following information represents the steps we take to determine your viability for Stem Cell Therapy treatment.

STEP 1 | In-Depth, Personal Consultation

The Stem Cell Center professionals will conduct an in-depth consultation about your problem and pain issues. We assure you that we will listen intently to the details of your case. 

STEP 2 | Medical Exam

The Stem Cell Center professionals will conduct a complete orthopedic and neuromuscular exam.

STEP 3 | Test Analysis

The Stem Cell Center professionals will conduct a thorough analysis of your x-rays/MRI where we will show you your problem and start mapping out a plan to being pain-free.

STEP 4 | Discuss Your Plan for Success

After assessing all of your tests, reports and interview, you will have the opportunity to meet the entire team to discuss and devise a treatment plan for your specific needs.